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Letra y video de Bookstore (Mote) (8-track demo version) - Sonic Youth

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Letra de cancion de Bookstore (Mote) (8-track demo version):

I'm down in the daytime out of sight
Comin' on in the evening there's nothing but night
I'm [???????????????] time
Comin' in the evening alright
All the time

Comin' on now, we're really gonna do ya right
Comin' on now, we're really gonna lose that night
[???????????] gonna tell ya
From nowhere
To nowhere
Located thru ya

I'm down in religion and I'll take it to a dream
Call that bookstore [????????????]
I'm downtown and I'm down round town
In the room and out the window sound
I make it all the time

You're a dream and I can't see at night
Comin' on in a ???????????
My friends tell me that it's all going thru ya
Going nowhere
To nowhere
Cutting thru ya

I'm down in the dreamland right on time
I'm down in the daytime over night
I'm down in the [???????????]

From nowhere
To nowhere
Gonna meet ya

I'm down in the daytime outta light
Come on in the dreamland of night
Pull you down and see you really fight
Into yr religion in our time
All the time

[Mote demo]

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